Whiskey and ice

This is a whiskey commercial I shot for a film making class.

Journey of Glass

Glass goes thought a journey of transformation. Heated and reheated to form it into something beautiful and usable. Thanks goes out to Eric Meeker and RIT glass studio for making this video happen.

Gatorade Made Me

Director: Britney Oliveri
Camera: Dominic Mull
Producer: Chance Write
Sound / Edit: Logan Runyon

Experimental Film

This is a film I worked on while considering the concept of time. Time can be perceived many ways with different feelings and understanding. The time it take for a cigaret to burn down, to light up and burn down again waiting for a kettle to boil, or a train to arrive, the intervals of dripping and the time whether takes to pass, and the rot and decay, time until death, are all ways I sometimes perceive time.