Mission Statement

I create engaging and illustrative images for those who require more than the average.


In a way I’m a collector.  A collector of dreams. A collector of ideas. A collector of interesting things or things that I’m not sure if they are interesting or not.  “What if” always exists in my mind.  What if dolphins wore pants?  What if air fluoresced? What if I can do everything I think about doing? What if failure was success?  A collection of these thoughts inspire me.
I like stuff and the way some things make me feel. The grain of wood, the color of fabric, the angles ofarchitecture, the weight of stone.  What happens when I collect those things and have them in my life? I think that is what I communicate in my images.

Reality doesn’t interest me so much.  I live in reality.  I want to create something better than reality so I turn to the fantasy of an idea, a feeling, a dream, a desire. I like helping other’s fantasies become almost reality through my images.  

I studied advertising photography at the best photo school there is: Rochester Institute of Technology.  I like challenging opportunities.  I am reliable to deliver creative solutions and create a positive experience for my clients.  In my free time I seek adventure in Asian travels and crafting with wood.


Base of operations is in Southwestern Michigan and Rochester New York area.

To hire Logan, ask about rates, or just say hello, please send an email to cameralabstyle@yahoo.com.

Tel: 269 861-2752